To build a web-based platform for users to share updates. The updates include Text, Image, Voice and Video. The videos are converted in FLV format on a real-time basis and can be played back in a FLV player.



Key Features:




  • Complete user integration of front end and back end implying that administrator can also act as a front end user.

  • Banner Management.

  • News Management.

  • Feedback Management.

  • Email Templates with use of variables.

  • Dynamic E-mail addresses for “From” address field.

  • Registration Report: Daily track of number of users getting registered between any two dates.

  • Powerful, yet easy-to-use content management system that enables website administrator to effectively manage the contents.

  • All contents of the website are dynamic.


Front End


  • Post and View Updates.

  • Updates are called:

    • Bloops=Videos

    • Bleeps=Audios

    • Pleeks=Texts

    • Plocks=Pictures

  • Ability to insert text updates as well images (future enhancement will include Voice and Video Update)

  • Ability for users to search users and view profiles and picture images (Future enhancement will include adding the ability for user manage picture gallery)

  • Ability for user to search others’ Updates and View Profile from thereon.

  • Ability for users to Listen To another user’s updates. ‘Listening’ implies that user can see all update of another user including image updates.

  • Ability for users to remove someone from Listener list of block permanently.

  • Ability for users to send another user a Private Message.

  • Send Invitation to other by use of advanced Contact Importer which enables user to login into his/her own e-mail address and select e-mail addresses to send invitation to.




CakePHP, MySQL, Ajax, Blueprint CSS, Javascript,