To build a web-based platform for several people to contribute on projects related to societal issues for various natures by providing easy-to-use interface. Ability for several people to contribute and comment on each others contribution has been one of the key goals of the website, technically. Users are being rewarded up to a maximum amount determined by administrator. The calculation of reward amount accrued to each user is another important aspect of the website.



Key Features:




  • Manage Categories and Projects (Each project can be inside 3 separate categories).

  • Manage Tracks and comments (A project can have separate tracks and a track can house several comments posted by the users)

  • Comment Moderation: Admin can moderate any comment and can delete it.

  • Comment Filtering.

  • Poll Section.

  • Payout Management.

  • FAQ Management Section

  • News Management Section

  • Testimonial Management Section.

  • Site Statistics and Reports

  • Powerful, yet easy-to-use content management system that enables website administrator to effectively manage the contents.

  • All contents of the website are dynamic.


Front End


  • Project Listing Page.

  • Virtual Project Board (A page dedicated to each project)

  • Ability for users to view and post comments

  • Comment Rating

  • Ability for users to check the Amount Earned by commenting on Projects.

  • Ability for users to participate in polls