To build a multilingual website capable of effectively presenting all product images, descriptions and info with minimal administration. Key point: ICON system (built in Flash); enables administrator to edit info directly on the icon, so icons can be re-used for all products.

 Key Features:



  • Powerful, yet easy-to-use content management system that enables website administrator to effectively manage the contents.

  • All contents of the website are dynamic.

  • The multilingual system provides quick and easy editing of all web pages using a template structure

  • The system accommodates 31 languages.

  • Manage Product Categories (Add/Edit/Remove)

  • Manage Products, Images, 360 Movies (Add/Edit/Remove)

  • Manage Product Features (Flash Icons): Texts inside these flash icons are fetched from XML file that enables administrators to change the text of the icons with out creating the icons each time a new one is needed.

  • Use of WYSIWYG content editor for complete flexibly over the contents being displayed on the front end.

  • Competition Module

  • Newsletter Subscription Module with ability to create newsletter via fully functional WYSIWYG editor.


Front End